Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is of utmost importance to the Group, in keeping with our founder's resolution.


We believe, creating an integrated environment in our businesses, and imbibing social and ethical principles into our core that enhances employee satisfaction and in essence the society in which we live in.

For our employees, we have organised healthcare workshops for mental health, and breast cancer awareness, and yoga workshops to propagate healthy living.

In keeping with the call for a ‘Swachh Bharat’ we have carried out cleaning drives. Our staff is a responsible team of people who are aware and do their part to care for the Earth. Thus, we place high regard for those that keep our city clean. We offer refreshments and meals every day to employees of the local sanitation department, who clean around the hotel and other commercial offices.

Furthermore, with a goal to do our part for the underprivileged, we have collaborated with Uday foundation – an NGO which provides healthcare facilities to those in need, works with the homeless, and provides humanitarian assistance and disaster relief – to donate clothing.

We aim to do more, and contribute for a positive change to our community.