BI Language lab

This ‘BI Language lab’ software is designed to teach language systems and practical skills of the English language in an easy and interactive way. This English Language lab is CEFR-based and quality controlled providing listening, speaking, reading and writing practice as per BIET’s course curriculum. This ‘BI Language Lab’ is aimed at making effective English Language learning accessible to individuals of all age groups and backgrounds with the use of cutting-edge technology and rich functional content.


BI English Lab

  • It is aimed at making English language teaching and learning interactive, interesting and accessible to all irrespective of their age, background, education, class, etc.
  • It uses cutting edge technology to deliver rich functional content to learners.
  • It contains a range of educational content that is custom-made to cater to the individual needs of learners.
  • It consists of AI tools to enable Speech Recognition, Automated Essay Scoring, Speed Reading, Role Play Analysis, Vocabulary Builder and many more!
  • This application/software can be accessed via Android or iOS devices.
  • CEFR-informed lessons.
  • Language is graded appropriately according to individual classes.
  • Lessons are curated to teach both language systems as well as all 4 practical skills for effective learning.
  • User-immersive experience makes learning a visual, auditory and sometimes, kinesthetic process.

Bridging the gap in India

In India, perhaps our biggest mistake in the ELT industry is that we have organized class timings and syllabi but no structured way to help students build self-study practice time at home – a crucial element proven by research to enable effective learning to take place.

This software has been visualized to bridge this gap.

Impact in the ELT industry

  • Success rate will be high because the content is research-backed and quality controlled.
  • Can help students learn English to build proficiency and become confident speakers of an international language that has the power to provide access to innumerable education and career opportunities across the world.
  • Can change the lives of thousands of Indian students by helping them learn English thereby helping them achieve financial independence and self-sufficiency.
  • Can help students meet their professional ambitions with the help of available IELTS or Industry-specific modules.
  • Grounded with the vision to do good for our community and our country with easily accessible and comprehensible content.
  • Has the power to revolutionize English language teaching and learning in India.