BI English Tution

English is regarded as one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is widely accepted and internationally recognised as a mode of communication and interaction. For students, English language learning during their schooling years can serve as a powerful tool as they gradually prepare to enter a rapidly-changing and fast-paced working environment of the real world where English proficiency is well-respected across all industries.

Our intention behind designing a course that teaches English Literature and English language such as this is to provide guidance, support, and preparation to students before they appear for their School exams.

In keeping with the language needs of students, this course structure has been carefully designed and curated for students’ personal development and professional aspirations.

Aims and objectives of the course

  • This course aims to deliver effective English literature and language teaching to students studying in Class VIII or Class IX or Class X of WBBSE Board / any Vernacular medium board.
  • This course structure includes the WBBSE syllabus which includes ‘Learning English through Prose & Poetry’ as per the structure of the board. The teaching in this course will be conducted and delivered in a way that is interesting, interactive, and engaging to help students develop their skills in English.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students can expect the following:

  • Ability to comprehend different prose and poetry texts.
  • Develop reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills in English.
  • Improve English language awareness and understanding.
  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of language systems.
  • Enhanced mental agility.

Why The British Institutes

Although it is quite obvious that The British Institutes expertise and flagship program is English only and we have teaching student since 1935 before Independency of our County, India. To list a few that why a student should join us, our answers to it are as below:

  • Teaching experience of last 88 + years in English and pioneer in Country
  • Strong brand name and legacy of teaching English since 1935 which proves that the pedagogy is proven and tested by the students
  • Professional teaching, unlike the local teaching style which helps students getting good marks in exams
  • A blend of Subjective English along with Spoken English which will not only help students to take care of their subject as an English but also improve their Spoken English
  • Monthly and economical fees to cater all income groups of the society
  • Parents can take feedback from Faculties through PTM
  • Regular Practice and Mock Test for better evaluation of students
  • Reliable and experienced Teachers who can guide the pattern of the exams
  • Regular speaking in English will not only gain their language speaking skills but also an environment to learn English as a speaking language along with subjective knowledge